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Tiny Crabby Crawler

Tiny Crabby Crawler

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Let Tiny Crabby Crawler help develop your little one's tummy time and crawling skills! Enjoy watching their progress as they grow and learn.



Introducing the Tiny Crabby Crawler - your perfect compantion for your little one's first adventures! This incredible toy has been artfully designed to capture and ignite your little explorer's imagination, setting them off on their pioneering journey of exploration!



🌟 Outfitted with a unique system, the Tiny Crabby Crawler scurries wildly, like an actual crab - stimulating motor and visual skills. 🎶 And it creates joyful music to excite auditory growth, bringing a blast of fun! Perfect for tummy time and supervised play, your little one will be captivated and entranced by this awesome buddy.




  • 100% non-toxic, tasteless, safe for babies
  • Helps in stimulating baby's development
  • No sharp edges
  • Build-in infrared sensors
  • Rechargeable with USB cable
  • Perfect for gift
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